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File Information: WowBench 1.12.0.a2
File size 761.7 Kb.
Downloads 1115
Description WoWBench is NOT an Addon, but a LUA emulator.

It can be used to simulate calls to/from the Blizzard UI, and in that way create, debug and maintain addons without starting the WoW game itself.

Usefull for addon developers - not at all usefull for others :-)
Installation  Quick install guide for WoWBench

See for the most recent version!

== Regular installation ==

* Unzip the contents of the zip into a directory. Probably nowhere near
your World of Warcraft directory - it's not an AddOn!

Below, we will assume you put it in C:/wowbench/.

* If you are using something other than Windows, download Lua binaries:
* Direct download from
* Make sure you get version 5.0.(something), as this is what WoW uses

* Copy config-dist.lua to config.lua.

At this point, WoWBench is ready to run, but from the "wow" folder shipped
with it. If you want to use your existing configuration files and addons,
edit config.lua and point at your existing WoW install / player name, etc.

== Getting started ==

Uploader mimma, 2015-06-01 16:55:15
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