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File Information: AutoMate 1.0.0
Author Wayleran
File size 17.8 Kb.
Downloads 674
Description Hi, I created an AddOn for myself which I've used over the years on Vanilla WoW private servers. It simply adds many different Quality of Life improvements to Vanilla WoW including but not limited to:

AddOn Organizer, AutoDismount, AutoDuelDecline, AutoFilterAvailable, AutoNameplates, AutoRepair, AutoSellJunk, AutoSkipGossip, ChatClean, ChatScroll, ErrorFilter, EquipCompare, Improved RightClick, Improved UnitFrames, QuickLoot, RangeColor, and more...

I'm often tweaking, adding to or simply refining it and many of my friends have also been using it and told me to post it online for others to try, so here it is.
Installation Unzip under /interface/addons
Uploader mimma, 2016-04-09 11:07:31
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KT down - by mimma
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