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File Information: Swaps 1.0.3
Author Tenbears, Amok server; Brandón, Amok server - backported to Vanilla by Mimma
File size 434.1 Kb.
Downloads 742
Description Overview of Swaps

The SWAPS add-on is a no-frills World of Warcraft add-on that allows guilds to apply the rules of the auction-based loot system, SWAPS.

SWAPS is a zero-sum based system for distributing loot in 40-man raid instances in the MMO World of Warcraft. Over a few raids, raiders are granted a balance of points, which they can use to bid on the loot rights to epic items that drop in these instances. The points spent by the winner are distributed evenly among the other raiders present, increasing their balances by a small amount and significantly decreasing the balance of the winning bidder.
Installation Installing SWAPS
The SWAPS add-on needs to be installed only by those raiders who take on the role of auctioneer. Other raiders interact with SWAPS solely through /w and /roll commands.

Installing the add-on

SWAPS installs exactly like other World of Warcraft add-ons.

Copy the SWAPS folder into the Interface/AddOns subdirectory in your World of Warcraft installation folder

Enter World of Warcraft. At your character screen, ensure that the SWAPS addon is checked. (If SWAPS shows up in red, then this means that the version stamp is out of date with the current version of the WoW client. If you check the Load Out-of-date Addons box, WoW will load SWAPS anyway (as well as any other out of date addons). SWAPS is quite likely to function even if the addon version is out of date with the current WoW client.
Uploader mimma, 2017-01-16 17:56:49
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