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File Information: GuildDKP 1.5.1 - Store DKP in Guild notes
Author Mimma @
File size 18.2 Kb.
Downloads 2011
Description GuildDKP is an addon which lets you add DKP to the entire raid, or to members in range by issuing simple slash commands.

The DKP value itself is stored in the players public notes or officer notes, and are therefore fairly safe from server crashes.

NEW in version 1.5.1:
The default storage is public guild notes. This can be changed to Officer note by using:

Some general examples:

Add 50 DKP to the player Omag:
/gdplus omag 50

Subtract 50 DKP from the player Omag:
/gdminus omag 50

Add 25 DKP to all players in the raid:
/gdaddraid 25

Add 25 DKP to all players in range (100 yards)
/gdaddrange 25

Add 800 DKP and divide it to each player. If there are 40 man in raid, each player gets 800/40 = 20 DKP.
/gdshareraid 800

Add 800 DKP and divide it to each player in range. If there are 30 man in raid, each player gets 800/30 = 27 DKP.
/gdsharerange 800

Display a list of all players in combat (useful when checking who is combat bugged):

List priests with most DKP:
/gdclass priest
Installation Unzip in /interface/addons
Uploader mimma, 2015-04-09 13:56:12
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