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File Information: PiTTY 1.1.2
Author Mimma
File size 15.1 Kb.
Downloads 848
Description Always wanted to see if someone heals the "regular" way or use QuickHeal? Here is your chance!

PiTTY is an addon which can "bust" QuickHealers and do reports in selected channel.

/qhstats - lists people who've used QuickHeal
/qhstats raid - post the above list in Raid chat
/qhstats guild - post the above list in Guild chat

Note that use of QuickHealing is not necessarily a bad thing if done correct. Healing only by using QuickHeal is lack of skills though.
Installation Unzip and install under /interface/addons.
Uploader mimma, 2016-05-23 16:49:14
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SotA raid queue with offliners - by mimma
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