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File Information: X-Loot 0.3.9
Author Xuerian
File size 105.4 Kb.
Downloads 1520
Description A remake of the built-in lootframe.
XLoot is one of those addons that people will see on screenshots and ask "ooh, what is that?" Essentially, it makes your loot frames much prettier, and somewhat more informative. You can see the default configuration in the screenshot.
Installation Unzip under /interface/addons
Uploader Mimma, 2014-02-08 12:48:37
Random Screenshot
Bugged Stratholme - by mimma
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The Golden Company @ Nostalrius Begins PvP (513)

Molten Core Raiders @ VanillaGaming (468)

Stormlords @ Nostalrius Begins PvP (427)

Heroes of Terenas @ Emerald Dream 1x Blizzlike (420)

De Profundis @ VanillaGaming (420)

Axiom @ Kronos II (380)

Immortals @ VanillaGaming (373)

Beta @ VanillaGaming (370)

RED Army @ Nostalrius Begins PvP (365)

Certus Excessum @ VanillaGaming (351)

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