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File Information: Luna UnitFrames
Author Avi
File size 1.18 Mb.
Downloads 1439
Description Lightweight Unit Frames in a modern look.

-An amazing tag system lets you completly customize the text being displayed
-A huge selection of bar textures and fonts to choose from
-Buff timers. (for your own)
-Totem timers
-Shows your mana while in cat / bear form
-XP and Reputation Bar
-You can reset instances via the right click menu
-All bars are positionable in a custom order. You can make the portrait into a bar too or disable it
-Enemy castbar
-Predicts incoming heals on you, your target, party and raid (also shows other people if they have this addon)
-Shows incoming resurrections from cast start till the accept window expires
-Range checker for the party and raid
-Energy ticker
-The fastest healthbars of all the raidframes out there (Actually blizzards are the same since its the same method of updating every frame but don't tell anyone)
-Raidframes show units with aggro by an indicator
-Click casting interface (no 3rd party addon required)
-Mouseover casting system: Use /lunamo or /lunamouseover followed by your spell of choice to make the macro behave like a normal spell button on your bar but when you are over a frame it casts on that target
Installation Unzip under /interface/addons
Uploader mimma, 2016-04-09 10:44:53
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