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Dinner for winners!
By: Dvargjavel, 2014-09-06 07:08:24

The winners after a naked battle in Gurubashi arena. First time i ever pvp and as a holy priest... but it was fun.

Random Screenshot
C'Thun down (first kill after LU) - by mimma
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Kelseran<De Profundis> (1500)

Dorphius<Equilibrium> (1495)

Royalcoil<De Profundis> (1325)

Jcarrillo (1215)

Jordai<Distilled Wisdom> (1070)

Honeycocaine (960)

Mimma<Goldshire Golfclub> (960)

Ninowar<Equilibrium> (955)

Honeycocaine (925)

Sodan<Equilibrium> (905)

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